Making a difference: How is Google supporting education?

Google Search Education

Investments and innovations toward the learning experience are helping teachers enhance a curriculum and aid students in the learning process. The company Google has launched a new service called Google Search Education that aims to help educators and students learn more about subjects by reaching content across the internet.

The Google Search Education service includes tools that can help educators and students better use search engines to find quality information for lessons. This information can be used to aid and supplement materials used in the classroom learning experience. The service includes various tools that can train teachers and students with their research skills.

One of the tools is the Lesson Plan. The Lesson Plan includes two features: the Search Literacy Lessons and A Google a Day challenge. The Search Literacy Lessons are tutorials and quizzes that help students and educators learn the best ways to utilize search engines, what terms to use when trying to find information and to determine what sources are credible. The A Google a Day challenges are daily quizzes for students to answer. The students can click for further information and the service shows a Google Document that explains the historical, cultural, scientific, or geographic question.

Another tool is the Google Inside Search. The Google Inside Search consists of two courses on how to search properly with Google. The courses are self-paced classes with videos showing students or educators how to properly search. There is the Power Searching course for beginners and the Advanced Power Searching class for advanced students.

Finally, the Google Search Education has live and archived webinars on multiple topics related to utilizing Google as a search engine. Webinar topics include learning to use Google for marketing, assessing the reliability of sources, assessing how well the query results are, and using tools like Google Maps or Google Scholar.

Google has other innovative services for educators and also provides multiple applications that can be used with the Google search engine to help educators organize information for their curriculum. In addition, Google offers visual tools like Google Page Creator that can create web pages for courses, topics, or a curriculum. It also partners with YouTube to network educational videos for teachers to show to classes. Finally, ideal for classroom settings, Google sells laptop devices known as Chromebooks through its website.

Educators may also direct students to utilize Google’s specific tools. Some of the tools are activities like Google-sponsored competitions that train students in fields like computing, mathematics, or science. Google also provides educational initiatives and summer programs for students to learn more about science and math.

The activities and tools from Google that educators can use in their classrooms will help many students enhance their learning and research skills. Incorporating these tools today will make classroom experiences more fulfilling.

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