How much do students forget over summer break?


Every student looks forward to summer vacation, warmer days, longer nights.  The endless amount of fun you can have without worrying about school the next day.  Most students don’t worry that they will forget everything they learned over summer vacation and the truth is they won’t forget everything but they will forget something.  Most students will not forget reading and writing skills, but math is one that is easy to forget.  According to Math and Spelling are the skills most susceptible to be forgotten.  What can we do to help our students continue to learn over summer vacation?

Extended school year

Everyone always wonders whether we should have an extended school year or not.  According to American students spend very little time in the class room compared to other countries.  Many people think we should extend the school year and offer more breaks in the fall and spring.  While some school districts offer a year round school for students, not every student wants to attend a year round school.

Homework over the summer

Another option is assigning student’s homework or extra credit to do over the summer.  Giving students a few assignments to complete over the summer can help them be prepared for the upcoming school year and not forget everything they learned the previous school year.  Offering students an incentive if they complete the homework or extra credit can help motivate them to actually do the assignments.

Summer Camp?

Summer Camps are a great way for students to make friends and have life long memories, but they can also help educate kids over summer break.  Offering a day time summer camp at your school for a few weeks can really help your students in the long run.  It can also offer a safe and fun place for students to go during summer.

Optional summer classes

Optional summer classes can really help out students who are falling behind in school or simply give students something to do in the summer.  Offering summer classes can help students to not forget everything they learned the previous year.  With the classes being optional students who don’t want to attend or don’t have to can choose not to attend the classes.  The students who need to or would like to can.

There are many options to offer to students to help them continue learning throughout summer.  It all depends on what is right for your students, parents and school district.  Each student learns differently so giving them many different options to choose from can help them to decide what the best choice for their individual needs.

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