NO Risk NO Hassle Fundraisers for Schools?

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Education has always faced an uphill battle when it comes to funding. Because schools depend on taxpayer money to survive, the amount of money that they eventually receive depends upon the decisions of legislatures far removed from the schools. When there is a shortage of funds in government, education is often the first of the programs that will be cut at both the state as well as the federal levels. This is quite unfortunate, because ultimately it’s the children who suffer the most when funding is decreased. Class sizes usually increase and special programs to help children are frequently cut or not funded sufficiently. While it already seemed to most educators that the funding was stretched to the limit and class sizes were already as big as they could get, recent downturns in the economy have forced things to get even worse in most locations, and it does not seem that things are likely to turn around any time soon. Principals have a nearly impossible job in determining which programs to keep and which to cut. It does often become necessary at times to find additional money to keep some vital programs going because they are so important to the school and to the students. Some schools in the past have turned to fundraising to help keep some of their programs and options viable. These fundraisers, however, often put additional burdens on those who organize and manage them. These fundraisers may also result in a lot of unsold inventory. Fortunately, there is now a better way of fundraising. An innovative company known as is now powered by GroupRateIt, and this is literally transforming the way that schools are accomplishing their fundraising goals. essentially eliminates all of the risk and hassles that are typically involved with fundraising. Instead of having one faculty member be in charge of ordering massive amounts of supplies that they may not even be able to sell, actually uses a system that will make it possible to create orders for those who definitely will be making a purchase. actually encourages involvement using the tools that are available – especially social networking technologies. Students will quickly spread the word about the fundraising campaign with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social networking mechanisms. This eliminates the need to make endless phone calls or face the dangers that are sometimes involved when students are going door to door.

Now that GroupRateIt powers the fundraising process has been brought into the world of Social Media. We know you want these Spirit Wraps and we’re excited to offer you the ability to get these amazing blankets into your school at no cost by doing a Spirit Wrap Campaign. All you need to activate your campaign is 1 Campaign Manager, 10 supporters and a group size of at least 50. Once your campaign has been activated our professional designers will work with teachers and students to design four options for your blanket. Campaign members will then get to vote online for their favorite design! The design with the most votes will win! When 150 blankets have been ordered your campaign unlocks and production is guaranteed. The best part about unlocking your campaign is that you can start lowering the collective group rate for everyone. Students love the fact that they are earning points throughout the entire campaign by doing what they love to do, sharing on social media. Once the campaign is unlocked, members can start redeeming their points for cool prizes. You also earn Gems every time you buy a blanket or one of your referrals buys a blanket, the exciting part about earning gems is that you can redeem them for even cooler prizes in the Gem store! With GroupRateIt powering, you are truly able to bring these amazing Spirit Wraps into your school at no cost.


Because the blankets are ordered online and paid for before we ship them to your school, all the campaign manager has to do is distribute the blankets to the individuals that bought them and collect the check with the money that your school raised through your campaign. With GroupRateIt anything is possible when it comes to raising funds for your school!


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